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About Megan

My name is Megan and I have been an athlete my whole life. But, I never dreamed I would become a nutrition coach one day! I was a gymnast turned swimmer when a back injury forced me to quit gymnastics. I LOVED being active! However, I knew very little about diet and nutrition. I found most of my “diets” in magazines whose front covers were filled with images of flawless bodies. I believed the only way to lose weight was to eat very little food, and it had to be super clean.

My nutrition and fitness transformation

Fifteen years ago, you would have never seen me enjoying birthdays and holidays. Why? Because I was afraid that eating a “bad food” would make me gain weight. Instead, I would deprive myself, only to end up binging all weekend and feeling shameful and guilty on Monday. In addition, I ran 25+ miles a week and used food as a reward and punishment. Ignorantly, I let this run my life for years!

But, seven years ago, I discovered CrossFit and I fell in love! Then, I found out about tracking macros and learned that food was not my enemy. Finally, I actually got to eat more food and was able to see changes in my body and strength.

Transition to nutrition coach

Tracking my food has given me a sense of freedom, and has helped me attain a healthier relationship with food. I have learned to love my growth and my body in other ways. Most importantly, I’m not allowing my worth to be proven by a number on the scale. It has become my passion to help others achieve similar results. As a nutrition coach, I can empower others to unlock their potential and help them see how progress is revealed in so many other ways. I love what I do!